Craps Online – Tips, Rules & Strategies

What Is Craps?

Unlike other live casino or online casino games, craps may sound and look a bit intimidating most especially for beginners whether it be done online or on the casino floors. Unlike the other online games with nothing but a deck of cards as a factor, the game of craps necessitates taking a lot of things into consideration.

There is the pair of dice, the coins, the bars with different uses and most especially, the rules that newbies may even find a bit confusing and difficult to understand. Some people, who are new at playing craps, would agree that it may look complicated with all the other pro players shouting unfamiliar words and the flow of the game may be too fast. However, there is an easy guide to further explain the mechanics in the most basic style.

How To Play Craps Online

For those who are just trying to understand and get used to the game, there is one of the most basic styles in getting on with the flow, and this is with the help of the pass line bet. Almost all the players, newbies or even professional craps players make this bet.

One can start off with the pass line bet by increasing or adding on some more bets on this bar until one gets really comfortable playing. By being comfortable in the game, one can eventually garner enough confidence to get on with the game and finally ace a good win.

For those who are quite curious on how this game goes, here are some instructions and points to remember when you get on the game of online craps:

  1. First of all, in trying out craps, one must have a brief idea on how to play high-risk online games. As mentioned, craps may look and sound a little intimidating to newbies and having no idea on how to play, even a simple betting game may cause further confusion. So before starting off with online craps, one must experience first basic betting or other similar high-stakes online games like video poker or black jacks.
  2. Now that one already has some ideas on the online games, it is important to take a look on the betting options and decide on which would be preferable for an additional bet. Trivia is that two of the most common bets actually have some of the lowest edges in the casino.
  3. Now, get started by finding a craps table. Those who have been into a live casino knows that it is a really noisy place with all the shouting and the yelling of the players regardless if they are winning or not. But to spot a craps table, remember that it is the noisiest of them all. However, if the casino isn’t that busy or full, it would be easier to just ask a staff of the casino to point out or lead you to the craps table. For online craps games, there are tons of websites of online casinos that are easily searchable. These kinds of online gambles are only a few clicks away!
  4. If it is your first time to take a risk on online craps, it is highly suggested that you watch a game or two first before you go on deck. That way, you would know that each round of the game actually starts with the come out roll and continues until a seven comes out.
  5. Now here are some bullets to fully understand the complete flow or order of the game:
  • Players put on their bets to kick off the game.
  • The shooter or one of the players will then roll the Come Out Roll.
  • In the first roll, if a 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12 comes out, the round will end.
  • With the end of the round, the winning bets will be paid.
  • However, if a 1, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 comes out on the first roll, the game is then established, and…
  • The shooter gets to roll another set of dice.
  • If the point comes out, the round ends. With every end of the round, winners get paid.
  • However, if the shooter rolls out a 7 in the dice, the round will still end.

Aside from staying on the pass line bet, one can also stay in the Odds Bet. This is how it goes. The pass line bet is prominent to those who would like to keep it safe because in this simple strategy, staying in the pass line bet commonly gives one a chance to win. If the shooter comes out or rolls a 7 or an 11, those who stay in the pass line bet will definitely win the round. However, it is not always a good time because when the shooter rolls out a 2, 3 or 12, those who stayed on the pass line bet will lose.

On the other side, the Odds Bet is also considered as a great choice because it doesn’t have a house edge, or the casino profit expressed in the percentage of the player’s original bet. The player can always put a bet on the pass line bet, and still get offered double odds, which means he or she can bet double on the pass line bet. Here is the system with the Odds Bet. The player who stayed or bet in this bar will win if the pint is rolled before a 7. Also, the amount of prize would depend on the point. A typical payout of the bet comprises of: if the point is 4 or 10, the player would win 2 or 1. However, when the point goes to 5 or 9, the player would win up to 3 and 2 and if the point goes up to 6 or 8, he or she would bag up to 6 and 5.

Craps Best Betting Strategies

Nobody would like to lose all those bets and feel deceived by the pair of dices. So aside from having pure luck, there are also some tips to be taken into consideration to avoid the chances of losing over a craps game.

  1. First of all, remember to play the odds. Unlike other casino games, which is of pure luck or guess, craps is actually a number game and it would require skill to win it. The odds will always be the smartest bet allowed in the game.
  2. Just because a bet has a high payout, doesn’t mean that it can make one win a game. There are lots of bets with high payouts that are considered as sucker bets.
  3. Do not believe in the high-risk gamer’s fallacy. Remember that the first roll or come out of a dice does not totally affect the next come out. One should not base his or her bet on the recent come out just because there are fallacies like there would be another seven if there were two sevens in a row. That is why it is a dice game. Some believe that it is connected but only those who are fooled by the fallacy would believe so.
  4. Some of the tips of the craps game are not just about the player being lucky or being skilled. One must also take into consideration if the dealer of the game has a mistake with what he is doing. Once may not go to twice and make sure to always extend your concern or some questions to the dealer for the safety of your bets. If the player is in a live casino, remember that there are tons of surveillance cameras focused on the tables and bars.
  5. Another tip is a simple reminder: know the rules. Especially since it is a high-stakes online game, means that the player cannot just take guesses. One must ensure that he or she fully understands the game before totally putting on a bet. This will save the player a lot of bets. One who can fully understand the game can also win the game.
  6. Follow the success of others. It may be bad to be playing with the best craps players in the casino and it may cause you lots and lots of losing bets. But one has to remember that to be able to be a good one, they must first learn from the experts. Follow the success of others, see how they can manage to win every game and manage on how you can do the same.

Craps Terms To Know

Any craps – a bet to be followed by a 2, 3, or a 12.
Any seven – a bet to be followed by a roll of 7.
Big 6 – a bet that would roll out a 6 before a 7.
3-way craps – a bet made in digits of 3 with one unit of 2 and 3 and another one unit of 12.
Come out roll – the first roll of the dice.
Big 8 – a roll that would give an 8 before the roll of 7.
Come bet – like a pass line bet, this is also called a virtual pass line bet made after the come out roll.
Dice pass – the dice is said to be pass when a 7 or an 11 comes out on the come out roll.
Wrong bettor – a player who bets that the dice will not pass.
Working – the term used when the bets are live and is said to be continuous, or working.
Take odds – a player can take odds or place additional bets when the previous bets won.
Single odds – an odds bet that is as the same size or as large as the original pass or bet.
Shooter – is the player who is rolling the dice.
Put bet – a bet made on the pass line after the come out roll.
Right bettor – the player who bets that the dice will pass.
Odds off – when the odd bets are said to be not working.
Pass bet – a bet that the dice will pass.
Place bet (to lose) – a bet that a 7 will roll out before the placed number.
Place bet (to win) – a bet that the bet number will come out before 7 rolls out.


There are lots and lots of things to be taken into consideration when playing online craps. Online games may cause one a good win as much as it can cause one a terrible downfall. Aside from the basic tips, it would be best if one chooses his or her casino, may it be live or online, wisely.


Is craps really for the high-end gamers?

The truth is no. It is a common misbelief that online craps are for those who has lots of money to throw around in this betting game, but the truth is, even those who only has few – but is wise and skilled enough to win the game – can actually beat those who are risking too much of their dimes. It is not about who has the most bets, it is about who wins the bets.

Is there a right way to throw the dice?

Aside from the rules of throwing the dice, there is none. While some people believe that a specific way in throwing the dice would make them win a game, some others just slide it off to ensure that they’ll get the results that they want – which is prohibited in betting games because it is considered as a form of a game scam. Mandatorily, dices when thrown must bounce off the wall to ensure a clean throw.

Aside from online demos, where can I learn how to play craps?

Many live casinos actually teach how to play craps, most especially in the mornings when things are still slow. This way, a beginner can easily learn firsthand with the proper guidance of dealers.

Are the players still allowed to make a pass line bet even after the point is rolled?

Players can make a pass line bet any time, but one must know that a player who does so has to give up the come out roll. However, the chances of winning also double the chances of losing. This late pass or come bet is coined as the put bet.