Slots Online UK

What are Slots?

Slot machines are the first games that come in mind upon hearing the term casino. It’s one of the most famous games in casinos and among the easiest games that people can play. Most first-time casino players also choose this as the first game to play.

This game started in Brooklyn, New York when Sittman and Pitt created the first machine considered as the parent of the current machine in 1891. Around that time, the concept of this machine is based from poker by having five, card-filled drums. However, playing is the same as how people play it today.

Players need to insert a coin and pull the lever, which will draw cards and players wish for a good hand. Since the first machine don’t have a reward system due to the absence of the ability to dispense coins or tokens, players will get their rewards with the bar giving them free beer and other forms of rewards. Nowadays, slot games are famous and now available online.

How To Play Slot Machines

Playing online slots is different depending on the types of games. In the regular platform, slot machines are designed differently and give varying rewards. Some machines don’t only double the prize, but even offer bonuses to make this game more enjoyable and exciting.

Players start by logging into the online casino. First time users need to sign up first using the Website secure platform. Once signed up, players can start depositing for playing. Websites offering bonuses and free deposits for players to try out the games without can use them first and try the platform.

Players will then choose the type of slots available. Users also need to check the pay table to see the types of rewards to get depending on the combination. Since these slots are designed on the virtual platform or program, it may not have an interactive lever to pull, but may have a button to generate the combinations. Users will then receive the rewards and their converted points that will be collected to their accounts.

Odds to win

The odds of getting the best combination and the best price depend on the machine type. For instance, some machines have tighter odds of winning. This may also work for online machines considering their build. The denominations used for slot machines also contribute on the odds.

Slots is a game of chance, so algorithms used for calculating odds can be very complex. Due to complex calculations, slot odds are often determined using the payout percentages offered by the casino. The higher payout, ideally more than 100 percent, means higher odds of winning a slot game.

Slot Machine Strategy

Although this game is all about the reel combinations, it still benefits from different strategies although they are not really considered as actual strategies. However, strategies vary depend on the type of machine used.

Most of the time, the strategies used in playing slots only depend on the casino where players will play. An online casino site should have good reputation to make sure they contribute to boosting the chances of winning the slots.

Tips how to win on slot machines

One of the helpful tips in playing slots is to try as many machines as possible. This helps players find their groove and the machine types they are more comfortable playing.

In choosing the main slot to play, players should consider the machines considering statistics because it will help in getting an idea about how much money to get for every bet. For example, a machine offering 95% of payout will give players a chance of getting 95 cents for every dollar spent on playing.

Slots Terms To Know

Terminologies are crucial in playing slots because of the machines available and the ways of playing them:

  • 3-reel slots – These are considered as the basic types of slot machines. Many people are fond playing this machine type because it only has three reels, which increase the odds of winning. This is also considered as the most traditional slot machine.
  • Multi-reel slots – Multi-reel slots have more than three reels, around five on the average that allow players to choose from numerous lines possible. Although the number of lines increases the odds of winning, many players find this type more confusing than the 3-reels.
  • Progressive slot machines – Progressive slot machines also have a lot of advantage for players because it is beneficial in people after the jackpot because they are connected to different machines available.
  • Coin hopper – This is the container where coins ready for payout are saved on slot machines. Players need to press on the button to release the collected coins for payout.
  • Bonus – This is the special offer for people to enjoy playing slot machines more. Usually, bonuses are free spin or some additional credits depending on how the machine is designed.
  • Credit meter – This is where the remaining available credits are displayed. On machines, these small LED screens display the credits. For online slot machines, this is part of the slot machine software user interface.
  • Progressive jackpot – This is the type of jackpot-collected pot from the machine each time a player loses. Hence, the lucky player who will win collect the entire pot.
  • Pay table – Pay table is the chart displaying the prizes that come with different combinations generated on slot reels.
  • Taste – This is the small amount or prize given to players to keep them having a “taste” of slot machine games. It’s like a reward that encourages players to continue playing.
  • Payout percentage – This is the percentage of payout and house edge maintained by the casino. Smaller house edge retained means more profit for players.
  • Reels – These barrels roll with each play and generate the patterns. They will move upon pulling the lever.
  • Symbols – These are the images or icons placed on the reels and form the patterns that give the payout.


Overall, playing online slot machines is a good experience for everyone. This is a good game for people who are starting in playing online casinos considering the simplicity of the procedure and the amount of money needed for playing. Users can also sign up and use their free sign up deposits for free to have a taste of the game. Playing online is also simpler because the game will be done at home and on a virtual platform unlike the traditional casino setting. This eliminates the chances of being too addicted to the game since players can control the amount to spend on their games easier at home.


Do you review online slots?

We scour the Internet for the top casino sites. Our reviews list the best online slot casinos by considering several factors like: Game interface; Parent company’s stability; Number of slot games available; Deposit methods and choices; Customer support; Slot tournament types and promos; Bonuses. Gaining top ratings when it comes to these slot game technicalities assure the top sites for playing.

Is it possible to play slot for free?

Yes, it’s possible for players to sign up and start playing without paying upfront. Users, however, need to check this feature because not every site will offer this.

Can players determine the slots’ result?

Some third-party software claim to predict the patterns or combinations on some programs, but players must keep in mind that slot machine is a game of chance. This implies that knowing slot results might be near to impossible.

Can someone rig online slots?

Some players claim slot machines in casinos are rigged. However, online slots as well as the casinos promoting them are regulated by authorities and guarantee that the programs run properly. This keeps the game from being rigged. Another reason why rigging is not a thing online is the websites are secure. They handle payouts and deposits, which mean online casinos have the state-of-the art protection from hackers and unauthorized program enhancements.