Mobile Casino

The evolution of mobile casinos

Since first introduced in 2005, mobile casinos have developed immensely over the last decade. Monumental changes in technology allowed mobile gaming software to be generated for multiple platforms, giving all gamblers access to games while they are on the go. This has transformed the remote gaming industry, which was no longer limited to a laptop or PC, and has allowed for the development of a wide variety of different apps. Mobility has also brought mobile casinos to a younger audience. Gambling apps became common, and mainstream stores such as Google Play and the App Store have lots of different online casino games to choose from.

Mobile gambling safety and security

One of the biggest concerns for any gambler is the security. The risk of your smart device being infected by a virus has risen slightly since the smartphones were first brought to the market. But as compared to laptops and PCs there are just a few viruses out there which might pose a threat. The risk of something infecting your smartphone or tablet can be considerably reduced by installing anti-virus software from your device store.

Most popular mobile casino games

Mobile casinos offer tons and tons of different games. However, there is only a handful of games that can reach a level of popularity that is enjoyed by the older gambling favorites. The top 5 games by «casino» search in Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows App Store all revolve around Blackjack, Slots, Roulette, Poker and Casino apps with multiple games. We are here to help you find the best casino mobile devices can work with.

Choose your mobile platform

iOS iPhone

One of the most popular devices for mobile gambling. There are a lot of casino apps for it that have both “fun mode” and “real money” options available.

iOS iPad

The portable nature of iPad gives the users the excitement and fun of real casino gambling in the palm of their hand. Find and play your favorite slots, video poker and other casino classics.


Playing casino games on Android tablet and mobile today is easier than ever before because of a number of real money casino apps. Check out our list of the best Android casinos.


Blackberry is currently rated as fifth most popular mobile device on the market, but most Blackberry casinos have only a half dozen different casino games available.

Windows Phone

There are not many Windows Phone casinos, so the options for this mobile platform are still limited. We provide a complete list of the best Windows Phone casinos available.

Mobile Casino FAQ

Are mobile casinos the same as online casinos?

Not exactly. The apps provide you with all basic features you need to play on the go. But online casinos still have the edge when it comes to the choice of games; though, this gap is closing rapidly due to new software being developed and improved.

What is better — instant play or an app?

If you already have an account in a casino, then you might want to download and use their app. It will give you access to the casino, and it will log your favorite casino games as well as your track record. For casual play, instant play offers limited options but is more than adequate.

What happens if I get a call or SMS while playing on the phone?

If you receive a call while using a mobile casino app your game is automatically paused, and your progress saved. Once you have finished your call, you can resume the game you were playing. Some models of smartphones may disconnect you from the data network during the call, but you can resume your game from the same saved point by simply logging in again.

Can I still use my casino app on holiday or during vacation?

Online gambling laws vary greatly between countries and even between cities and regions within countries. The best thing to do is to check the local laws before you travel and the service provision offered by your mobile casino. Some mobile casino apps may not be supported by data services outside of your home country. Some mobile casino apps are only licensed to run in certain regions, and if you try to use them outside of the region you will only receive an error message.

My phone has been stolen, should I block my mobile casino app account?

To ensure the security of your data and your casino account, you should contact the customer support department of the mobile casino with your user ID along with details of the theft. Then they can take steps to secure your account.

What if I lose my data connection while playing?

Most mobile casinos are designed to save the information to some point. So when you log back in you will be able to see your wager or the outcome of your bet. To check whether your mobile casino offers this, visit their website.